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A great opportunity  for men to gather and “talk it out.”

Welcome to the Camo Hat Club™ – an all guys’ group that promotes real conversations, safe spaces, and the bonds of friendship for participants of all ages. To learn more or to join a club, contact us below. You need this! 


Learn the story behind the Camo Hat Club™

The Half a Sorrow Foundation, in conjunction with the good folks at Linked by Legacy, a group of non profit organizations dedicated to ending suicide, are proud to introduce the Camo Hat Club.


The Camo Hat Club™ rallies around a simple truth: Men need men. It’s a straightforward statement that holds profound significance and impact, driven by a staggering and heart wrenching statistic: 80% of all suicides are men. The gravity of this figure cannot be understated. It demands attention, action, and a concerted effort to create opportunities where men can navigate the complexities of life together.

Close relationships with other people have more of an impact on our physical health and longevity than even our genes do (Mineo, 2017, Vadantam, 2018). A satisfying relationship can extend life longevity by up to 22%. Loneliness is a risk factor comparable to smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure (Holt-Lunstad, et al., 2010, Hawkley, et al, 2010, House, et al., 1988, Murphy, et al., 2017). Loneliness in men is correlated with cardiovascular disease and stroke. Again, men represent 80% of all deaths by suicides.

The mission of the Camo Hat Club™ is rooted in the belief that real conversations can be a lifeline. So in this spirit, the gatherings may begin with casual conversation, but they are a deliberate attempt to create an environment where men can check in with each other. The vision extends beyond the confines of a physical meeting—it aspires to be a beacon of hope, and a close knit community that stands together to help each other traverse the intricacies and struggles of being human.


What to expect from club meet-ups


Men as they get older tend to withdraw or suffer from what some call a “friendship recession.” The Camo Hat Club is an antidote by consistently gathering and connecting men to each other.


Beyond sharing thoughts and struggles honestly, members listen to one another without judgment, creating a strong sense of acceptance and inclusion. 

Active Support

Members commit to being there for each other during both the highs and lows of life, often form relationships outside of club gatherings, and protect each other from silent suffering.


It's a simple explanation

The choice of a camo hat is intentionally symbolic: Men tend to camouflage their emotions. Wearing the camo hat in a public place with a group of other men in their own camo hats will hopefully generate curiosity and conversations and actually do the opposite of camouflage – make it incredibly clear how to identify them!


Hear directly from club members

"It's a fun breakfast social event to connect with other guys and share various topics, from local places to eat to outdoor places to explore to upcoming events occurring in the area to financial stuff. You name it, we talk about it, and we do bring up the topic of mental health every time as a check-in. All around a positive, uplifting, and encouraging get-together on a regular basis!”

Camo Hat Club Regular Attendee

"To be honest with you, if we did not do this Camo Hat  thing, I would never see these guys. Life has a way of just taking over, and I am so glad that we carve out time once a month to check in on each other. I get to break bread with these dudes 12 times a year, and if we did not have this club, I know for a fact that number would be ZERO!"

Camo Hat Club Regular Attendee

"I met these guys after my divorce and I was living in a small apartment. Every month I looked forward to getting together with these men just to get me out of my place and out of my head. One of the guys was in a hiking club and convinced me to join. I now see him at breakfast and on the trail. I need this club."

Camo Hat Club Regular Attendee


Your questions, answered

  • What is the significance of the camo hat?
    The Camo Hat is a powerful emblem within the Camo Hat Club™, signifying the readiness of its members to unmask and discuss the feelings they traditionally keep hidden, fostering a community of openness and mutual support. We men often prefer to hide when it comes to mental health and that is not working out so well. Let's change this!
  • Why should I join?
    “Loneliness is as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, according to researcher Julianne Holt-Lunstad.” The Camo Hat Club promotes a safe, casual environment for men to come together and navigate life through and enjoying the camaraderie of friendship. Beyond breakfast, it's about forging connections, offering support, and sharing life's journey.
  • What are some important meeting details?
    Meeting Frequency: You get to choose but we have found that monthly works best. Day and time will vary depending on your club. Length of Meetings: Usually an hour, enough time to enjoy a meal and a chat. Place: We pick a spot that's convenient for the majority and meet at that spot monthly. Dress Code: Casual wear is fine, but feel free to sport your camo hat if you have one! Missing Meetings: No problem at all. We'll catch you up at the next one. Very informal and necessary!
  • What is discussed at meetings?
    Topics: We typically discuss current events, personal stories, and general conversation without judgment, but it's probably best to avoid religion and politics. Participation: You’re expected to share your stories, offer support, and be a friendly face. Leadership: It's pretty informal, though there will be at least one organizer to keep things running smoothly. Confidentiality: What's shared at breakfast stays at breakfast. We respect each other's privacy. It's typically a good idea idea to steer away from politics and religion until we all figure out how to get along:)
  • Who belongs in a Camo Hat Club group?
    Any adult male 18 or over is welcome. Bringing Friends: The more the merrier, as long as they're here for good company and good conversation
  • Is there a membership fee or dues?
    There is no fee. Your presence is all we ask. Just show up!

Inspired to start a club?


Identify Core Members

Start by assembling a small group of dedicated individuals who share the vision of the Camo Hat Club and are committed to its mission.


Be Regular

This does not mean eat more fiber! Decide on a monthly meeting time and a comfortable venue that's easy for all members to access, keeping the focus on convenience and consistency. Same day, place and time---KISS!


Establish a Simple Communication Channel

Create a straightforward way to remind members of upcoming meetings, like a group text or email chain, ensuring everyone is kept in the loop with minimal hassle. Keep it simple.


Outline the First Meeting's Agenda

Plan an introductory meeting that includes time for members to share their stories and discuss the club's purpose and future activities. It's your club---make it what you want it to be.


Delegate Responsibilities

To distribute the workload, assign roles such as a coordinator for meeting logistics and a member outreach leader to keep the group welcoming and growing. There is no I in team, said every coach ever!!

Let's connect.

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